1) How do I use your spray? We recommend using it on your pet each morning at feeding time to start the day right! 

2) How much do I spray? It's up to you how many sprays you give, but bigger or more active animals might require more. 

3) Is this safe for my pet and my family? YES!  We use natural ingredients. PH balanced this human grade formula has been extensively tested on humans and pets.

4) Can I use this on my pet's bed or crate? YES!  That's a great way to use our products - spray on your pet and where they spend their time.  

5) If it's not perfume what is it? It's an odor neutralizer and is perfectly safe for your pet.

6) Is the brush good for all types of coats? The Scentsational brush was designed with convenience and versatility in mind  The dual synthetic boar bristle and plastic ball tip make this brush great for all types of coats.